elementary type


  • uint8 => uint16
  • int128 => int256


contract Sample {
    function sampleFunction() {


modifier description
external Accessible only from external
public Accessible from everywhere
internal Accessible only from inside
private Accessible from own contract or child contract

Contract Code

Reserved words

word description
msg.sender Address which called the function.
msg.value Sending value in wei when the function is called for sending token.
this The contract address.
this.balance Balance of this contract.
address.balance Balance of the address in wei.
throw throw exception. When an exception is thrown, all ether that equals to gas limit will be consumed.
payable This must be added to the functions which send ether.

reserved functions

signature parameter description
falback (function) (none) function which receives no argument, is called when the function specified in transaction or message doesn’t exist in the contract, and ether send transaction is called.
selfdestruct / suicide address Discard the contract and send all ether in the contract to the passed address.
require condition (true or false) if the condition is evaluated as false, throw exception and abort the procedure.