Tests are designed to determine: How much we know about a particular subject at a particular point in time.

Type from objective

  • Formative assessments
    • It make sure we know the fundamental material before moving on to more challenging topics.
  • Summative assessments
    • It is to determine if we are mastering a large portion of the mateerial.
    • It carries a heavy weight toward our final grade for the course

Type from format

  • Paper tests
    • most common
  • Open-book tests
    • We can see our notes or textbooks.
    • This type is employed when the instructor wants to see our thoughts and critical thinking rather than our memory power.
    • Creating index for our notes is effective.
  • Take-home tests
    • It is like open-book tests.
    • We can take test any time we want.
    • The instructor expect more detail and complete work, because we are not under a strict time limit and we can see references freely
  • Online tests
    • most commonly used for formative assessments.
    • Check if we can move freely between test sections to go back and check our work, or we can skip question and look back later.
  • Electronic tests in the classroom
  • Presentations and oral tests

  • The best strategy for the final exam is:
    • study regulary