• review notes after taking
  • writing short summary after taking them

Basic Strategy

List method

  • throughly capturing information.
  • minimizes the ability to process information as not are taken

Outline method

  • easy to do electronically
  • allows us to prioritize information
  • can be complicated to use during lectures

Cornell strategy

  • Upper: Prepare 2 major column
    • Left
      • brief summary of the information to the right
      • keywords
    • Right
      • notes
  • Bottom: summary
brief summary note

Split Strategy

Map strategy

Something like a mind map, but in Cornel scheme.

Visualize ideas into right side, and draw connection or relation like mind map.

brief summary map

Note must be in the margin, when writing the note with the reference

  1. Author’s name
  2. Title of the document/book
  3. Year of Publication
  4. Page
  5. Publisher information


  • 理解、記憶、想像を助けてくれるもの。->マインドマップ

Effective strategy

  • Reviewing the notes after taking
  • Writing a short summary after taking them.

  • Writing note on the paper is not effective. it depends on the taker.