UoPeople Rule

  • 7 days are left after the final exam by the end of the term.
  • Students can contact to their prgram advisor, when they have any disability.


  • Proctor
    • Not all the exams require proctor.
    • Student must find their proctor by themselves.
    • Relatives of the student can’t be his/her proctor.
    • Proctor must be 21 years old or older.
    • To add proctor, go to Student portal and click “add a proctor” link next to the course.


  • Students can drop a course without academic penalty during the first week of the course session.
  • Full-time decree seeking students can take 2-3 courses per term.
  • Students must use 15-17 hours a course in a week.

Leave of Absence

  • Students can request a Leave of Absence that begins with the first day of the following term.


  • Students can find their own GPA and the number of creadits taken at Academic History tab in the Student Portal.

University Catalog

Contains …

  • The number of credits to graduate.

  • can be found in Student Portal.
  • we can ask the academic advisor to send it us by email.
  • we can find it on our home page, as a tab at the top of the page, and can open and print it from there.
  • Students can see whether they can appeal their final grade in a course.

Academic Calendar

  • Shows when the course registration will be open.

Code of Conduct

Written in Chapter 15 in the UoPeople catalog.